Chag urim sameach! Happy Hanukkah!

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December 12, 2012 by mcknz

Happy Hanukkah from Brooklyn

There’s a lot going on in Brooklyn for Hanukkah! Check out the YJB calendar for events and specifics. We hope you find somewhere warm to light candles, fry latkes, and nosh sufganiyot.

The last couple months have been rough ones. Too many tragedies, from Hurricane Sandy to the explosion of violence in Gaza, to the everyday violence that often seems to be a part of our regular life in New York. I have been so grateful this Hanukkah to have a moment for some pause and for focusing on the lights burning on my menorah.

If this is your first time lighting candles, and you are looking for a guide on what to say and how to do it, you can find a great guide from the Rabbinical Assembly here.

And also, you should totally check out Project Menorah, in which menorahs are made out of delicious foods every night of Hanukkah.




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